Hinsdale Public Library

Our Building, An Architectural Treasure

The Library's cornerstone was laid in 1866. The building was made possible through the generosity of Mary Twinning's gift of $5000, which is about $65,000 today. After her initial donation, the Taylors and Plunketts added to it. When construction started in July, the fund stood at about $25,000, which is about $325,000 today. Incredibly, the building was completed in December, only a few months later.

Leopold Eidlitz was chosen as the architect for the building. He was also one of the architects responsible for the New York State Capitol in Albany. At the time he was working on our building, one might do well to imagine his young son Cyrus looking on during the summer months, imagining a time where he would be able to design his own buildings.

The building is modeled after a home that the Twinnings had seen on vacation in England. Most of its elements are examples of the Tudor Architectural style, and some of them are Gothic.

As we can see, the building is asymmetrical, and 2 1/2 stories, which are trappings of the Tudor Revival style of Architecture. You can also see that the steeply pitched ornate slate roof forms a cross gable between the main reading room and the Children's room.

Stone construction makes the building very comfortable during the summer months. But don't take it solely for granite - the exterior walls on close examination reveal the presence of Taconic marble quoins.

The upper part of the building is obviously half timbered in the Tudor style. There is brick between the timber. The Trustees are currently working to restore and repaint the exterior. To find out how you can donate to this cause, click here.

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